Wurth Wood Group Joins the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Starting with Roger Debnam, Pres Wurth Wood Group

Roger Debnam, President of Wurth Wood Group, has accepted the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. He has now challenged Lee Eagen of Wurth Oliver Van Horn, Tom O’Neill of Wurth Baer Supply, Bill Delaney of DSI in Pittsburgh, and Paul Vella of Atlantic Plywood. You have 24 hours (Starting 8/18/14) to take the Ice Bucket Challenge or donate $200.00 to ALS Research. Of course you could always take the Challenge AND donate too :) Wurth Wood Group – CharlotteWürth Baer Supply Company, Oliver H. Van Horn, Distributor Service Incorporated, Atlantic Plywood


Jeff Vincent, GM of Wurth Wood Group Charlotte, has accepted the‪#‎ALSIceBucketChallenge‬. He has now challenged Kenneth Gilmore of Wurth Wood Group, Jaimie Kenney of Wurth Wood Group, and The entire Wurth Wood Group – Charlotte staff. You now have 24 hours to take this challenge and make a $10 donation or skip the ice bucket and donate $100 to ALS Research (See link) (https://secure2.convio.net/alsa/site/Donation2;jsessionid=30B480A5985CCB59785792F98DAB9AB7.app277b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1).

Jaimie Kenney, of Wurth Wood Group, has accepted the#ALSIceBucketChallenge from Jeff Vincent. She has now challenged John Venditti of Wurth Wood Group Tampa, David Ostroff of Wurth Wood Group – Charlotte and NASCAR sensation Brad Keselowski. You have 24hrs to take the Ice Bucket Challenge or donate $100.00 to ALS Research.

Kenneth Gilmore, of Wurth Wood Group, has accepted the#ALSIceBucketChallenge from Jeff Vincent. He has now challenged Mike Stevenson of Wurth Wood Group , Steve Bannister of Wurth Wood Group – Greenville and David Lockwood Regional Manager at Wurth Wood Group – Charlotte You have 24hrs to take the Ice Bucket Challenge or donate $100 to ALS Research.

David Ostroff, of Wurth Wood Group, has accepted the#ALSIceBucketChallenge from Jaimie Kenney. He has now challenged Jeremy Penny of Wurth Wood Group, Terry Adams of Wurth Wood Group- Charleston, Alla Liokumovich at Wurth Würth Baer Supply Company and Roland Martinez of Christian Family Life / Life Fellowship Charlotte. You have 24hrs to take the #IceBucketChallenge or donate $100 to ALS Research…GO! -https://secure2.convio.net/alsa/site/Donation2;jsessionid=30B480A5985CCB59785792F98DAB9AB7.app277b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1

Andrew Mashburn, of Wurth Wood Group – Charlotte, has accepted the#ALSIceBucketChallenge from Jeff Vincent, his GM. He has now challenged Chad West WWG CLT Customer and Adam Albertson. You have 24hrs to take the #IceBucketChallenge or donate $100 to ALS Research…GO! -https://secure2.convio.net/alsa/site/Donation2;jsessionid=30B480A5985CCB59785792F98DAB9AB7.app277b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1

David Lockwood, Wurth Wood Group M.L. Campbell product manager, has accepted the #ALSIceBucketChallenge from Kenneth Gilmore. He has now challenged Mike Capper- VP of Wurth Wood Group, Scott Armstrong- Wurth Wood Group Wilsonart LLC product Manager and Charlotte Feagin of Wurth Wood Group -Charleston. You have 24hrs to take the Ice Bucket Challenge or donate $100 to ALS Research. (https://secure2.convio.net/alsa/site/Donation2;jsessionid=30B480A5985CCB59785792F98DAB9AB7.app277b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1)

Mike Capper, Vice President of Wurth Wood Group, AND Scott Armstrong, Wurth Wood Group Wilsonart LLC product Manager have accepted the#ALSIceBucketChallenge from David Lockwood. Mike has now challenged Jim Morris Wurth Wood Group Regional Manager, Don Maas GM of Wurth Wood Group Baltimore and Randy Fessler Ops Mrg in Atlanta. Scott has now challenged Michele Ballard and Darrell Shumate of WWG GBSO and Rusty Reese WWG GM in Chattanooga. You have 24hrs to take the Ice Bucket Challenge or donate $100 to ALS Research. (https://secure2.convio.net/alsa/site/Donation2;jsessionid=30B480A5985CCB59785792F98DAB9AB7.app277b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1)

Jeremy Penny, of Wurth Wood Group, has accepted the#ALSIceBucketChallenge from David Ostroff. He has now challenged Larry Wirt GM Wurth Wood Group -ROA, Don Maas of Wurth Wood Group- Baltimore, and Steve Russell GM WWG Richmond. You have 24hrs to take the #IceBucketChallenge or donate $100 to ALS Research…GO! -https://secure2.convio.net/alsa/site/Donation2;jsessionid=30B480A5985CCB59785792F98DAB9AB7.app277b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1

Mike Stevenson, of Wurth Wood Group- RAL, has accepted the#ALSIceBucketChallenge from Kenneth Gilmore. He has now challenged Todd Wernet of Wurth Wood Group – CHS, Greg Mull GM Wurth Wood Group – Ral and Randy Fessler of Wurth Wood Group - ATL You have 24hrs to take the Ice Bucket Challenge or donate $100 to ALS Research. -https://secure2.convio.net/alsa/site/Donation2;jsessionid=30B480A5985CCB59785792F98DAB9AB7.app277b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1

Steve Bannister, of Wurth Wood Group, has accepted the#ALSIceBucketChallenge from Kenneth Gilmore. He has now challenged Luke Stewart of Wurth Wood Group – CLT, Chris Hiatt Purchasing MGR with Wurth Wood Group and Randy Fessler of Wurth Wood Group – ATL You have 24hrs to take the Ice Bucket Challenge or donate $100 to ALS Research. -https://secure2.convio.net/alsa/site/Donation2;jsessionid=30B480A5985CCB59785792F98DAB9AB7.app277b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1


Who’s NEXT???

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Local designer gives nine essential tips for remodeling your kitchen

Friday, August 01 2014 1:54 pm by Erica Jackson

2014_0801_kitchenRemodeling a kitchen is a big job, but if you take it piece by piece and put thought into a few key features, you’ll be well on your way to creating a kitchen that will work for you and your family, according to local interior designer Dee Ann Federico.

Federico, who owns Dee Ann Design in Riverhead, recently sat down with RiverheadLOCAL to talk about the nine most important things to think about when designing a kitchen.

Decide How You Will Use Your Kitchen

“Not everyone is a fabulous cook, so you have to be realistic about what you are going to be doing in your kitchen,” said Federico.

Remember: your kitchen isn’t just for cooking.

“It is the heart of your home and where you will be spending 90 percent of your time,” said Federico.

If you’re the type to do a lot of entertaining, keep in mind that you are going to want to design your kitchen much differently than someone who considers themselves an amateur chef.

Write down a list of what you envision in your kitchen, including every detail you can think of – cabinets, appliances, and even seating.

Break Down the Costs

Once you figured out what your needs are, you will next need to set up a budget and seriously put thought into costs. On average, she said, a new kitchen will cost conservatively $35,000, depending on the size of the kitchen.

But there are things you can do to cut down costs. One cost saving measure is to pay careful attention to plumbing when you’re planning your new kitchen. Giving your kitchen a face-lift while keeping all the pipes under the surface the same will cut down on costs.

“Using a layout that is the same as your old kitchen in terms of plumbing will save you a lot of money,” she said.

Create a Lighting Plan – Wurth LIGHTING

Federico stressed that lighting in a kitchen is very important and should be at the top of your list in your re-design.

“You need a mix of lighting,” she said, from utilitarian for performing various tasks, to decorative lighting and under the counter lighting.
Pick a Color Scheme

When designing a kitchen, picking a color scheme is very important said Federico,

“There is a trend toward using grays and sand colors,” she said, especially when it comes to cabinetry.

“You also don’t want your kitchen super dark. It really limits you,” she said.

Pick Your Cabinetry – 

When renovating your kitchen, its important to remember to update your storage spaces. Whether your dream kitchen is large or small, there are cabinets to meet your needs, said Federico.

“You really don’t need a big kitchen to have great storage anymore,” she said. “It is amazing how they configure cabinets for the max amount of storage now.”

“They have full pantries that are really tall and narrow, roll out drawers and inserts.”

Top off Your Counters

Countertops are very important to a kitchen and can cost a lot of money, especially if you are eying up granite, the most popular countertop material.

If you are not dead-set on granite, Federico suggests looking at other man-made materials, including Caesarstone Quartz Countertops, which are made from recycled materials.

Splash the Back

To tie your kitchen together, Federico highly recommends carefully selecting a backsplash.

“You want to unite your cabinets with your countertops. A backsplash can really set the whole tone of your kitchen,” she said.

Federico said there are a variety of ways to design a backsplash, including using mosaic tiles, which she tends to incorporate in her kitchen designs.

“I like to use the mosaics that feature glass and Mother of Pearl in them so they have a little shine to them,” she said.

Federico said Subway tiles, which provide a clean and classic look, are also very popular.

Educate Yourself on Appliances

If your kitchen re-design calls for new appliances, Federico said the most important thing to do is to educate yourself on the various brands. According to Federico, all the popular brands offer a variety of models, from reasonably-priced ones right up to expensive top of the line models.

But with so many brands and models, it can be hard to make the right choice for such a large investment. To offset this, Federico suggests picking up a copy of Consumers’ Digest.

“They are non-partisan and have honest reviews,” she said.

She also recommended thinking carefully about which type of appliance you buy for your kitchen.

“Most people don’t realize that if they choose a 6-burner stove they are going to also need to think about proper ventilation.”

Finish it off with hardware – Wurth DECORATIVE HARDWARE

Finally, Federico suggested looking at hardware for your cabinets to put the finishing touches on your new kitchen.

While often overlooked, small details like hardware on your cabinetry can add just the right amount of style to your new kitchen.

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Lighting, mixed use of cabinetry, wine storage top kitchen trends in 2014

NARI offers design tips during Home Improvement Month.

May 31, 2014 8:30 am  •  

538907295051d.preview-620Madison, Wisconsin, May 1, 2014— Kitchens remain a top remodeling project in 2014, according to the Member Profile Study done by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), in time for
National Home Improvement Month this May. Eighty-two percent of NARI members identify kitchens as  their primary service offering.

This year, the association’s 2014 Contractor of the Year Awards program, which recognizes top projects in 25 categories, totaled nearly $73 million worth of remodeling projects and identified national trends,
especially in the areas of kitchen updates.

“Consumers want practical, comfortable kitchens that are efficient to use and easy to live in,” says Kevin Anundson, MCR, CKBR, NARI National President and vice president of Renovations Group Inc. in Elm
Grove, Wis. “Bigger isn’t better, but homeowners still want a feeling of space, and open concept with islands are still a significant part of kitchen trends in 2014.”

Improving the overall look and feel of the kitchen was most often cited in the CotY entries as the main motivating factor by homeowners for remodeling, followed by improving function.

HD_LEDLighting : See www.wurthwoodgroup.com
The continuing trend of fewer upper cabinets in the kitchen creates more space for decorative task lighting, often on adjustable arms that gives the option to have the light directed where it is needed
most. Decorative fixtures in black, iron and aged brass finishes make a bold statement. Other trends:

  • Pendant lights over kitchen islands continue to be a great opportunity to bring style into the mix.
  • Chandeliers in kitchens add an unexpected sparkle and can soften up the hard lines and smooth surfaces of appliances and countertops below.
  • An oversized light fixture becomes a focal point in an otherwise plain room.
  • Under-cabinet lights, controlled by a dimmer, provide ambiance.

home-ideas-14Built-in cabinetry that looks like furniture : www.wurthwoodgroup.com
Mixing and layering finishes and woods to create a custom look is another emerging trend, along with built-in accent cabinets that act as a framework for the rest of the cabinetry. These cabinets, often
designed tall and narrow with glass fronts, provide the look of a built-in china cabinet to showcase collectables. In general, upper cabinets are less popular in areas that obstruct lines of sight, especially to
outdoor interests or to an adjacent family room.

  • Appliances are subtly hidden behind the cabinetry for a clean, streamlined appearance.
  • Colorful kitchen cabinetry has made a big comeback. Palettes using and mixing blues, orange, browns or greens countering neutral white, wood or dark finishes are providing kitchen flair.
  • Dramatic contrasts of light cabinets and dark countertops provide visual impact.


SonomaSeriesWineRackWine storage : See www.wurthwoodgroup.com 
With the explosion in the wine market over the past few decades, wine is becoming more of a lifestyle choice and factoring into kitchen designs.

  • Dedicated “butler” areas for entertaining, sampling and sharing wine with guests are very popular, allowing the cook the opportunity to socialize during food preparation.
  • Integrated wine coolers, an answer to tight kitchen spaces, are nestled into cabinetry along with wine racks to showcase a homeowners’ collection.

If you’re planning a home renovation project this year, consider incorporating some of these trends to  update your kitchen. Before construction gets underway, consult with a professional remodeler about
the renovation projects you have planned.

NARI is the source for homeowners seeking to hire a professional remodeling contractor because  members are full-time, dedicated remodelers who follow a strict code of ethics, observing high
standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility.

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Demand for Cabinets Heading to $16B in 2018

By Alex Keown | Posted: 05/20/2014 


RedBeacon-BlogCLEVELAND  – Demand for kitchen and bath cabinetry will increase 6.6 % annually to $16 billion by 2018, primarily due to the rebound in the U.S. housing market, says a new study. But another key factor is a consumer desire for more storage space, say trade groups. The largest areas in homes requiring expanded cabinets are kitchens and bathrooms, with builders looking for innovative ways to include more storage space, such as increasing cabinet space in kitchen islands or his and her vanities in bathrooms. Not only will new constructions spur the growth in cabinetry, but the increased demand for kitchen and bathroom remodeling will also play a huge role in the increase. “Cabinets,” a new study from Cleveland-based market research firm The Freedonia Group, Inc., reports kitchen cabinets, which accounted for 81% of demand in 2013, are expected to see the fastest growth of all cabinet types, rising 6.8% annually to $13.1 billion. Gains will be spurred by design trends that call for homes to have larger kitchens with such features as islands and breakfast bars. These kitchens are often equipped with more and larger cabinets to provide ample storage space. Bathroom cabinets will account for $1.9 billion in sales by 2018, according to the report. Advances will be spurred by design trends that call for multiple bathrooms. Demand for other cabinets, such as garage, home office, and home theater cabinets, will be supported by interest in them as attractive storage alternatives to open shelving and free-standing furnishings, the report says.

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Here Are 13 Relatively Simple Things That Will Make Your Home Extremely Awesome

LINK to Original Story

If you want to make your home more efficient (and look better while you’re at it), you don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Sometimes, the simplest changes can make a world of difference. Take these 30 simple home improvement ideas, for example. You wouldn’t think that moving your outlets or adding an end table could change the flow and cool factor of your house, but it can.

And if you follow these tips, it will!

1. Add outlets to drawers to keep clutter off of the table top.







2. Make the space your fake drawers take up functional.







3. Fake drawers are also a great spot for extra outlets.







4. Save space with collapsible drying racks.










5. Use stainless steel contact paper to make your appliances look more expensive.






6. Use recessed outlets so you can put your furniture against the wall.






7. Install your outlets underneath your cabinets so you don’t ruin your backsplash.










8. Use slide-out drawers in the home for spices and pantry items.









9. Add a small cabinet to extra space in the kitchen for cleaning supply storage.









10. Hide away appliances behind sliding doors.










11. Use kitchen drawers as cutting boards you can hide.








12. Use a slide-away step in your bathroom instead of a step stool.










13. Build drawers in the wasted space between studs in the wall.



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Brad Keselowski drives to an impressive, yet still frustrating, third at ’500

Read More Here

Brad Keselowski climbed from 33rd to third in the Miller Lite Ford on Sunday night, in what was by far his most impressive Daytona 500.

Heading into the Daytona 500, ECR Chevrolet engines stole the show in qualifying while Toyota entered the race with three wins in the three NASCAR Sprint Cup non-points preliminary races that make up Speedweeks.

So Ford had almost been lying in the weeds, but Keselowski’s now-white No. 2 Team Penske entry was an absolute rocket on race day.

“I thought our car was really, really, really 2014 Team Penske Studio Shoot Mooresvillestrong. Best car I ever had here at Daytona,” he said after the race. “I’m proud of it. Got to the lead from the very back twice. Didn’t quite pull it off the third time, but got really close there obviously in the closing laps with some help from a few others.”

Keselowski played himself into position for the final restart after leading four times for 13 laps earlier in the race. As the lanes shifted and movement occurred, he never was able to get that last run to slingshot through to the lead.

Still, had he been able to replay the last two laps, he said he wouldn’t have done anything differently.

“When the 11 (Denny Hamlin) and 18 (Kyle Busch) broke apart, then the 17 (Ricky Stenhouse Jr.) split the 18, that was the end of my night. There was nothing I could do,” he said.

“It was just circumstances outside of my control. I could have blocked the 11 and ran second. That’s all that was going to happen if I would have blocked the 11. But I really wasn’t interested in running second. I took a shot at a different move that would have given me an opportunity to win and finished third. That’s just the way it is.”

56th Daytona 500

It was a great run for the 2012 series champion, who’s seeking a bounce back 2014 after he failed to make the Chase in 2013.

But like Denny Hamlin in second, third here in the biggest race of the year simply wasn’t good enough. And given NASCAR’s new Chase format where winning is everything, Keselowski put to bed the line about having a “good points day.”

“Points days don’t mean anything anymore. That’s the great thing about this format,” he explained. “There is no good points day, as far as I’m concerned. What matters is a win, especially when you come to Daytona.”

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Protected: Sale Training Videos

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Wurth Becomes The Primary Sponsor of The #2 Car

During his championship 2012 season, Brad Keselowski and the No. 2 Ford Fusion team welcomed Wurth as an associate sponsor. Now, as BK seeks his second Sprint Cup in 2014, Wurth is stepping up as a primary sponsor.

From BradRacing.com

2014 Team Penske Studio Shoot Mooresville

Wurth will be the primary sponsor on the No. 2 car during four NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races, starting with the March 23 Cup Series race at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif. Wurth will also be an associate sponsor on the No. 2 Team Penske Ford for the balance of the 2014 season.

“We’re pleased to welcome Wurth as a primary sponsor on the No. 2 Ford team,” said Keselowski. “The Wurth Group has done a terrific job of activating their partnership with Team Penske and we’ll work together to take the relationship to a new level this season. We’re all excited to race the red and white Wurth Ford Fusion in 2014.”

The Wurth Group first partnered with Team Penske in 2012 and the leading automotive, industrial and woodworking supply company has served as a primary sponsor for the team in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and an associate partner on the No. 2 Miller Lite Ford Fusion over the last two seasons.

“We are very excited about continuing our relationship with Team Penske and Brad Keselowski,” said Robert Stolz, Wurth North America Chief Executive. “Since our relationship started two years ago, many of our customers and associates have enjoyed the partnership and we look forward to taking this to the next level with the Wurth Car now in the Cup Series. We consider Brad to be a part of our Wurth family of businesses, and we cherish being associated with Roger Penske and his extraordinary organization. This promises to be another fantastic year for Wurth Racing.”

While this season marks just its third season as a partner in North American motorsports, Wurth has been actively involved in European racing for over 30 years supporting teams in various disciplines including Formula One and the DTM Series.

“Wurth is a global leader in the automotive and industrial supply business and we are excited to have them join the No. 2 Ford team as a primary sponsor this season,” said Roger Penske. “Wurth has brought value to our company and to our partners as well. This demonstrates the commitment of Team Penske to building lasting business relationships and we will work together with the Wurth team to continue to grow this partnership.”

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Glass Cabinets, Open Shelving Big 2014 Kitchen Trend

glasscabsLink: Original Post from Forbes

For years, cabinets have been a place to tuck away dishes and hide boxes of cereal out of view behind solid doors. But according to the Zillow Digs Home Design Trend Report for 2014, hiding the goods will be a bit more difficult since the latest kitchen trend is glass-front cabinets or open shelving – easily exposing cupboard contents.

If you want to go this route,  Kerrie Kelly, the principal designer and owner of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab in Sacramento and a member of Zillow Z +1.43% Digs’ Board of Designers, shares her tips on getting in on this look.

Match your kitchen style

While glass-front cabinets or open shelves may sound like design purely for modern spaces, Kelly believes the look works well in any kitchen style.

“Just be sure to focus on using only one or two materials,” she said. Also, with whatever material you choose, you can be creative in your installation. Painted cabinets with glass fronts and statement knobs would work well in more traditional or country-style kitchen, while sleek, flat-front cabinets will shine in a contemporary space.

Curate displayed items

Just as you pick cabinets or shelving to match your kitchen, select accessories and kitchenware that will go with the overall aesthetic as well.

The open shelving or glass front cabinets are a place to showcase items and, as such, takes time to curate statement pieces or accessories, advised Kelly.

“Let your kitchenware collection grow with you and your space,” she said.

Looking for ideas to fill the space? Try spices, olive oil, cookbooks and glass jars filled with oatmeal or dried fruits as a starting point.


Updating your cabinets to match these trends could be an easy do-it-yourself- weekend project and “provides great versatility,” said Kelly. Remove the doors on one of your cabinets, and paint or wallpaper the back of the cabinet to create an updated look in the kitchen.

Add the look elsewhere

While open shelving and glass-front cabinets are great for the kitchen, they’re also appropriate throughout the entire home.

“Get creative with shelving units,” Kelly says. Try incorporating “vintage pieces with sleek colors for a chic storage solution in any living space.”



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The Move to Modern Cabinets

Americans Are Turning Away From Traditional Oak Materials to Exotic Alternatives




Cabinets are becoming more cutting edge.

According to online surveys by MasterBrand Cabinets, the largest cabinet manufacturer in North America, traditional materials are losing favor to more exotic—and generally more expensive—alternatives. Although oak and maple still make up the largest dollar share of cabinet purchases, both have lost steam: Oak material now makes up 28% of total dollars spent—a decline of 20% over the past five years, according to the survey. In contrast, woods like alder, pecan, pine and walnut grew 44% in total dollars spent over that same period.

Cabinets—most of which are purchased for a kitchen—remain in homes for 20 to 25 years on average before being replaced. “The kitchen is so much the heart of the home,” says Jane Henderson Kenyon, broker associate with Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s International Realty in Princeton, N.J. “Whatever people put in there runs through the rest of the house.” As such, the shift to bolder cabinet materials indicates a broader move toward more modern designs, says Beth Dibert, senior manager for market research for MasterBrand.

Together with third-party researchers KeyStat Marketing and Burke, MasterBrand surveyed 2,343 individuals in 2007 to 2008 and 5,641 individuals in 2011 to 2012 on how much they spent on cabinet materials and finishes.

Consumers are experimenting with bolder woods and colors. Medium-colored finishes still make up the largest share of cabinet finishes, but painted and dark-colored finishes both gained more than 40% in dollar share in the past five years.

Fancier woods usually mean fancier price tags. For instance, the Artesia cabinet style made by MasterBrand subsidiary Dynasty by Omega can be 20% more expensive if it uses pecan or walnut, and 10% less expensive if it uses oak or cherry.

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