Trade Supply Group Inks Distribution Deal with Wurth Wood Group

New York, New York (June 18, 2012) – Trade Supply Group, a full service provider of building products has named Wurth Wood Group as the exclusive distributor of ICA’s Italian Wood Coatings for their 12 locations across North and South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

While nitrocellulose lacquers and acid catalyzed conversion varnishes represent the majority of wood coatings in North America, Italian industrial catalyzed two-component polyurethanes hold significant advantages over the mono-component alternatives and offer vastly superior quality to the single-component polyurethanes.

ICA, founded in 1971 by the Paniccia family in Marche Italy, manufactures two-component polyurethane products with exceptional heat, moisture, stain and solvent resistance. They also have an extensive offering of Eco Friendly water based products – first developed in the mid 1980’s – that rival the appearance and durability of their solvent based products. Other advantages include quick drying, diverse aesthetics, high solids, low VOC, colorfastness and durability. “Wurth’s organizational capabilities, high integrity brand and distribution structure will provide a platform that will take this product category to the next level” said Kevin Brady, President, Trade Supply Group. “So many customers will now be exposed to how much better Italian polyurethane products are compared to U.S produced coatings” he added.

The deal allows Wurth Wood Group to add a high quality coating line to their range. The technology and performance inherent in ICA products, better empowers Wurth’s mission to service the cabinet and woodworking industry. “Wurth is strategically positioned to leverage ICA’s brand” said Kevin Murphy, VP of Sales. “Two-component polyurethanes not only reduce unit labor costs, they provide an exceptional quality finish as well”, he added.

About Trade Supply Group
Trade Supply Group is a full service provider of building products and materials including coatings, wood products, laminates, high-end fixtures and fittings, residential building supplies and lumber. It is also the exclusive distributor of Formica products in Metro New York. Comprised of several prestigious brands, the firm has a pedigree reaching back to 1908 with the establishment of Simon’s Hardware & Bath. Other brands include Manhattan Laminates, Mechanics Building Materials, Master Millwork Industries and Water Mill Building Supply.

About Wurth Wood Group
Wurth Wood Group offers a full range of professional-grade hardware, laminate, wood products, coatings and shop supplies. The company began in Charlotte, NC, in 1983 with a clear vision for serving custom cabinet builders, as well as commercial fixture and millwork companies. Over the next 29 years, the organization has grown to 12 locations operating in seven states. Wurth partners with fine companies such as Columbia Forest Products, Blum, ML Campbell and Wilsonart and prides itself in offering outstanding service and quality products that true craftsmen are proud to use. Woodworking projects can literally begin and end with Wurth.

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