Wilsonart Launches Two New Wilsonart HD Designs

Wilsonart launches two new Wilsonart® HD® designs, available NOW: Winter Carnival and Summer Carnival. These designs feature a large-scale structure, dramatic movement with mixed coloration, -35 finish and AEON™ Enhanced Performance technology.

The designs provide a large-scale, granite look to the HD category, in two popular colors, and compete with Formica’s best-selling 180FX designs. Based on channel and customer feedback, Carnival will be standard in a Wilsonart HD build. Many of you have told us that you believe your customers will want to preserve HD price point with this series, and that the designs can hold the higher value despite the presence of lower-cost FX. We will also offer these designs in a -52 finish at the Premium price level, to be used where cost is a driver of brand selection.

These new designs are inspired by the luxurious, exotic, natural granite out of Brazil that includes large-scale elements called “Carnival.”Winter Carnival movement carries a rich red-brown with accents in cool grey. Summer Carnival has movement in Golden ambers and browns with accents in greys. These designs strategically focus on premium, exotic stones (rather than replicas of readily available, “cheap”granite) that are typically unavailable to the consumer due to cost, rarity and/or transportation.

Wilsonart® HD® The surprisingly smart alternative to granite. Believe It.

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