Here Are 13 Relatively Simple Things That Will Make Your Home Extremely Awesome

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If you want to make your home more efficient (and look better while you’re at it), you don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Sometimes, the simplest changes can make a world of difference. Take these 30 simple home improvement ideas, for example. You wouldn’t think that moving your outlets or adding an end table could change the flow and cool factor of your house, but it can.

And if you follow these tips, it will!

1. Add outlets to drawers to keep clutter off of the table top.







2. Make the space your fake drawers take up functional.







3. Fake drawers are also a great spot for extra outlets.







4. Save space with collapsible drying racks.










5. Use stainless steel contact paper to make your appliances look more expensive.






6. Use recessed outlets so you can put your furniture against the wall.






7. Install your outlets underneath your cabinets so you don’t ruin your backsplash.










8. Use slide-out drawers in the home for spices and pantry items.









9. Add a small cabinet to extra space in the kitchen for cleaning supply storage.









10. Hide away appliances behind sliding doors.










11. Use kitchen drawers as cutting boards you can hide.








12. Use a slide-away step in your bathroom instead of a step stool.










13. Build drawers in the wasted space between studs in the wall.



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