Wurth Wood Group Partners With Charlotte Homeless Ministry

Employees Donate Clothes, Food, and Time to Help the Less Fortunate.IMG_2972

Two days after New Years (’15), Wurth Wood Group Charlotte/Corporate employees partnered with a local ministry in the Charlotte, NC area called Saturday Sharing.  On Saturday 1/3/15 several volunteers gathered downtown in a parking lot and helped handout jackets, sweatsuits,  blankets, and snacks to those in the Charlotte area that are struggling to make ends meet.

2 weeks prior to the event, employees collected new and used winter coats and snack items.  IMG_2974The generosity of our employees to the cause was overwhelming.   We also partnered with Simply Pies (a small mom and pop pie shop) and Promo Logic to help make this a great event.  The folks at Simply Pies donated 100, personal size, hot apple and cherry pies and Promo Logic purchased and donated 100+ hoodies, sweatpants, and shirts.

We would also like to recognize some of our very own customers who participated in the Buy One, Give One campaign we ran.  A big thank you to JKH Cabinets and BTJ Door Company for your generosity.

After the event, we asked a couple of our employee volunteers to write a  reflection on their experience interacting with the homeless community and here is what we were told:


Sheron G (WWG – Charlotte/ Warehouse):

“My experience with the homeless ministry was truly enlightening.  The appreciation those men and women had for the things that I take for granted such as warm clothing, really made me grateful and cherish the opportunity to help others.  Great event glad to see Wurth active in the community.”

Sean D (WWG – Charlotte/ Inside Sales)

“I’d be lying if I said I did this completely out of the goodness of my heart. It’s probably 45% genuine altruism and selflessness. IMG_2980It’s about 55% related to the good feeling with which it leaves me. I talk a lot about my concern for the economic casualties of the country. I talk a lot about how I think our homelessness and poverty problem is often swept under the rug and mental illnesses go untreated for those who stand no chance of ever being anything but homeless without that treatment. I can’t affect the political aspect of these problems. But, you realize from time to time, am I doing anything to affect the things that I CAN affect? I was lucky to have that opportunity last Saturday.

At one point, me, Sheron, and Beth were asked if we had any duffel bags. This made quite a few thoughts and feelings hit me like a ton of bricks. Those of us lucky enough to have food, shelter, and water have, not only all of these blessings, but homes that have all of our other necessities and creature comforts inside of them. These people have carts, garbage bags, their own two hands, and, if they’re lucky, suitcases or duffel bags. Their lives are what they can carry.

I learned another very valuable lesson that day. Those without seemed more grateful and generous with one another than those that have. Some of these people were more particular than others concerning what they went home with that day. At first, it frustrated me. After sorting through that thought on the way back to my warm home that IMG_2978morning, it occurred to me that these are people who face the humiliation of feeling sub-standard on a daily basis. Something as simple as an outfit that keeps them warm that they like the look of is yet another aspect of our daily lives we take for granted. Having a favorite hoodie or T-shirt is a luxury, and many of these folks don’t have it. This is a piece of dignity that can go for miles. Something that simple is a reminder of life before such hard times. I really don’t know who got more out of this experience, myself or the people I came to assist. Final thought: I count myself among those needy people, as I need the lessons, the reminders, and the perspective. I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity and look forward to the next one. Thank you Wurth Wood Group for organizing this.”

Wurth Wood Group is committed to be more involved in our community in 2015.  We would like to do a charity event at-least once a quarter.  If you have any ideas on how we can become more involved and give of our time to help others or if you have and organization that could use our help please email us at fasty@wurthwoodgroup.com Subject Line: Wurth in the community


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